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What is Verto Media and why do we matter?

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purchase prednisone online Verto Media is a digital audio advertising firm focused on helping brands tell their stories through the power of highly targeted audio messages, while helping publishers monetize their content with quality, relevant ads for their listeners.

order Keppra canada That is our official business statement.  But, who are we really and why do we matter?

We are people who love audio.  We love the sound of music, spoken word and our own voices.  We raise our drinks when we hear a song we love because it triggers memories of that special school dance.  We can sing commercial jingles because we grew up with them.  Speeches and sermons have brought us to tears and we immediately recognize the voices of the people who influence us – whether we know them personally or not.

We know sound has power.  It ignites emotional queues, resonates with people on a deep level and creates memories.  We are working diligently to help brands and publishers alike utilize that power effectively.

We focus specifically on digital audio because it truly provides the best of both worlds.  Audio messaging is highly effective and far more cost efficient to produce relative to other forms of media.  Digital affords us the ability to target intelligently and deliver individualized, 1:1 messaging to listeners.  We deliver digital audio ads in a variety of environments – streaming radio, pure-play music publishers, podcasts and any other means of audio consumption.

Digital audio is growing.  According to the Edison Research and Triton Digital 2014 Infinite Dial Study, 75% of 12 – 24 year olds have consumed digital audio in the last month while 50% of 25 – 54 year olds have done the same.  The average listening time per week is 13 hours.  These numbers continue to grow year over year.  We can all see evidence of it when our co-workers are plugged into their favorite stations, when more people on the train are wearing headphones than not and when you try to get the attention of your teen but he/she can’t hear you because they are connected.

In spite of the growth, a significant number of advertisers are not leveraging this medium to tell their story and pitch listeners on their products and services.  The reasons for this are varied, including everything from lack of understanding about digital audio, lack of targeting and reporting via current buying channels and operational inefficiencies in buying.  We address each of these in our comprehensive, innovative approach.  We educate advertisers, implement fresh targeting and reporting strategies and remove all of the operational headache in buying.  We are a full-service solution from end to end.

We are passionate about audio and excited about the future of this channel.  We look forward to you joining us on the journey!

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