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We help brands marry the art of audio advertising with the science of digital media buying.

The Problem

Finding your target audience has become increasingly difficult in a complex, digital world. If you happen to find your audience, sustaining their attention is yet another challenge. At the same time, the advertising landscape is evolving with digital spend growth continually outpacing traditional channels. Digital audio advertising represents a unique opportunity for advertisers to combine the accuracy and automation of digital advertising with the sensorial engagement of audio messaging.

The Bottom Line

Fusing radio advertising techniques with real-time ad serving technology, advertisers are now able to simultaneously:

  • Communicate a brand’s story at scale
  • Develop an emotional connection with listeners
  • Measure audience reach and listener engagement
  • Innovate in a crowded digital advertising market

In spite of the market trends and documented benefits, some advertisers are not capitalizing on this opportunity in a meaningful capacity. Do you have a digital audio strategy? Does your competition?

Verto Media Solutions for Advertisers


We find the right sources of digital audio supply for your campaign. Whether streaming radio, podcasts, pure play stations, or audiobooks, we connect you with your desired audience while they are consuming content that aligns with your brand’s messaging.


We manage your digital audio campaigns from start to finish, including creative conception and production to campaign trafficking and optimization to campaign analysis and comprehensive reporting.


We offer robust targeting (day part, contextual relevancy, device type, geography, user demographics, etc.) and campaign optimization to ensure ad spend is meeting the desired goals.


Digital audio campaigns come in many forms. We create campaigns optimized for brand awareness, performance, or retargeting and use a variety of measurement techniques to determine campaign effectiveness.


We systematically adjust the audio creative in real-time for optimal campaign performance and effectiveness. Different audiences in different environments receive relevant messaging depending on a host of historical factors.

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