About Us

http://click.marissa-lynn.com/the-profitable-editors-kit/clkn/http/edit.marissa-lynn.com/product/the-profitable-editors-kit-discount-249?buy-now Verto Media is a new-age digital audio advertising firm that specializes in developing and delivering programmatic advertising solutions. We fundamentally believe that digital audio advertising is the most powerful, cost-efficient, and effective medium to deliver customized, meaningful messages at scale.


http://washingtonstreetpub.com/wp-login.php?action=register Our founders bring a new and fresh perspective to the audio advertising landscape based upon their experiences in the wild wild west of online display advertising. After spending years observing what makes some advertisers more successful than others and why certain publishers outmonetize their peers, they decided to apply their expertise to the powerful and under-utilized medium of digital audio.

Our mission is to build solutions that are innovative and inspirational; to execute strategies that are intelligently designed and delivered with integrity; and to maximize value for our clients. We operate an open and transparent business model with the belief that exceptional work speaks for itself.

Gerry Wilson

Co-Founder & CEO

Gerry brings over a decade of experience building real-time exchange technologies and developing two-sided digital marketplaces. Prior to founding Verto, Gerry led Marketplace Development at AppNexus, the most advanced real-time ad serving platform for trading digital media. His role specialized in analyzing exchange data to optimally connect buyers and sellers. He formerly ran AppNexus Accelerate, an accelerator program for startups and new businesses looking to build applications on top of the AppNexus platform. During this time, he was responsible for architecting the first programmatic exchange for digital audio inventory.

Before AppNexus, Gerry founded yoonew, the world’s first real-time trading platform for live event tickets and ticket derivatives. He holds an MBA from the MIT Sloan School of Management. Prior to attending Sloan, he founded OmniAnalytics, a consulting firm specializing in business intelligence software solutions. Gerry also holds a BSE in mechanical and aerospace engineering from Princeton University.

Desiree Tunstall

Co-Founder & Managing Director

Desiree Tunstall is a seasoned strategy, sales and business development professional, bringing over eight years of non-profit, government and private sector experience to Verto Media. Prior to founding Verto Media, Desiree was the Director of Publisher Sales at AppNexus where she managed relationships with AppNexus’ largest clients, including Millennial Media, Rubicon Project and Google. Her crowning achievement was establishing its mobile business. Desiree developed a robust mobile ecosystem of buyers and sellers, growing the mobile business from zero to several million in revenue within four months.

Prior to AppNexus, Desiree was the Vice-President of Client Services at Zarca Interactive, an online research firm based in Herndon, Virginia. She also served at the Executive Office of the President, Office of Science and Technology Policy under the George W. Bush Administration.

Desiree is a proud graduate of the University of Pennsylvania where she majored in History and focused her extra-curricular efforts on student activism and women’s rights.