Bill Simmons, a prime example of the power of digital audio

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get link Bill Simmons, ESPN sports columnist, was suspended yesterday for calling NFL commissioner, Roger Goodell, a liar.  He even dared someone (presumably ESPN) to call him and say he was in trouble.  Well, sure enough, Bill was suspended three weeks for his pre-birthday rant. (Happy Birthday Bill!)

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This is not the first or second time Bill has been suspended.  And if he stays at ESPN, I’m pretty sure this will not be the last.  What does this have to do with digital audio and advertising?  ESPN has a $15B relationship with the NFL to protect.  As a publisher and broadcast juggernaut, ESPN is the destination for all things sports.  Essentially, ESPN is to sports what Google is to search.  Except, ESPN is not just online.

On the other hand, Bill’s BS Report is a podcast.  Yes, a podcast.  Some words saved as an audio file, uploaded to a server, and available 24/7 for anyone with an internet connection.  Simple, yet powerful.  Powerful enough to threaten ESPN.  Now, some may argue that Grantland is powered by ESPN so any reach associated with the blog should be attributed to ESPN.  Fair point.  But what about Tony Manfred?

Tony Manfred, an unknown sports writer for Business Insider, took a snippet of the infamous rant and posted it on Soundcloud.  In less than one day, Tony has over 200k+ listens.  Talk about the gift that keeps on giving.  This is a prime example of the power of digital audio.  Tony’s snippet (the audio above) is traveling around the “internets” and is referenced by anyone and everyone who wants to buy Lyrica canada pharmacy hear Bill.  Timely, relevant, and engaging.

A block text quote is great, but listening to the words is a completely different experience.

So what’s the point?

If I have to spell it out, you’re missing a golden opportunity.  Publishers, it’s gold mine ripe for the taking.  Advertisers, it’s a hidden gem.  Call us if you want to make it shine.


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