Digital Audio Advertising

buy cipro in uk Verto Media delivers real-time advertising solutions that connect brands with consumers through the power of digital audio.

Why Digital Audio? Digital + Audio = Measurement + Engagement

Our Approach

click We leverage listener data, multi-layered targeting, and real-time decisioning to deliver relevant and engaging messages at scale.



Leveraging the power of digital audio, we help advertisers to communicate their brand’s story with a voice.  Digital audio allows you to foster more meaningful connections with an engaged audience. On average, digital audio listeners are consuming 30+ minutes of audio content per day as compared with the average website page view at less than one minute.

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Digital audio is an innovative way to diversify your monetization strategy and grow revenue. Digital audio gives publishers the ability to package, price, and connect specific audiences with advertisers seeking a wide range of profiles.

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Why Digital Audio?

As more and more digital content is consumed via mobile devices and consumers shift between connected screens, capturing the attention of and engaging with your audience becomes an even bigger challenge.  Digital audio provides a unique gateway to reaching this elusive audience while also measuring their response to the messaging.


  • Allows brands to tell a story with a voice.
  • Evokes emotion, creating more a meaningful connection.


  • Enhanced targeting increases likelihood of finding the right audience.
  • Impression level tracking allows for better delivery and goal measurement.
  • Automated buying and selling tools enable real-time optimization to maximize ROI.
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